Thursday, May 28, 2015

Last Day of Preschool

It's Maeve's last day of preschool today, and, as she puts it, Tomorrow I'll be a Kindergartner!

Okay, maybe not tomorrow. But her path through preschool has distinctly come to an end, and next fall we'll be shopping for a bigger backpack and figuring out how long it'll take to walk to her school from here.

I asked Maeve if she had any feelings about leaving her preschool classmates behind, knowing they most likely won't be going to her school next year, and she shrugged and proclaimed that she'll make new friends next year. Which is a very practical perspective, I should have expected it.

Although this is the same girl who cries when she has to leave a play date with a friend, even if she will see this friend in less than a week, and she knows it. So, I'm not too far off, worrying she would be sad to say goodbye.

I'll be a little sad to say goodbye to the moms with whom I've hung out in the mornings this year. I didn't make any real, close friends but I did enjoy getting to know them and their kiddos. I eagerly anticipate doing this again next year when the other parents I meet may be living in my neighborhood. I have high hopes that both Maeve and I will make new friends next year when she starts Kindergarten, friends that may live closeby.

We'll see if either of us is sad today when we leave Maeve's preschool classroom for the last time. I just can't believe we're here already.

About to hop on the hoppy ball at the indoor obstacle course

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