Monday, June 1, 2015

Maeve and Legos

Watching Maeve build with Legos is like watching a living demonstration of how different she is from me. It blows me away, every time.

I am a very haphazard Lego builder, even as a kid, I generally liked to just kind of stick Legos together at random and see if a pattern emerged. I almost never had a plan, and if I ran into difficulties making something, I usually just abandoned it and tried making something else entirely.

Maeve has a totally different way. She not only has specific goals in mind, I can tell they're more inside her head, because she has trouble verbalizing them to me. But when she accomplishes what she's trying to do, I suddenly see that she was aiming for it the whole time.

And when she runs into obstacles, she simply engineers a way around them by trial and error, until the Legos are doing just what she wants them to do. It's amazing to watch.

Slide engineering

Maeve, Lego tiles don't stand on their side.
Well, now they do.

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