Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Invisible Friend

Maeve has something I never had. She arrived a few weeks ago and seems to be sticking around, for now.

Maeve has an invisible friend.

I won't call her imaginary for the moment; I mean, just because I can't see her doesn't mean Catty Jane isn't real. And before she became Catty Jane, Maeve called her Invisible Girl. So we'll go with invisible for now.

If Catty Jane's name seems familiar, you might recognize it from a recurring character in Highlights magazine. But I don't think Maeve's Catty Jane is a cat. She seems to be a girl, from what I can tell.
And she has an ever changing family of "grand-sisters" which Maeve informs me are just really good sisters. It goes without saying, too, that Catty Jane's mom is much nicer and more permissive than I am.

Last week, Maeve and I drove by an Episcopal church, and she observed that there was a large letter t on top of it. I reminded her that the t-shape is a cross, and is a symbol of Christianity. She wanted to hear about what Christians believe, so I gave her the rundown again. She thought about it for a few minutes, then informed me that Catty Jane believes a lot of that stuff, but not really the part about Jesus. I told her maybe Catty Jane is Jewish.

I should really tell you some more of Catty J's exploits as retold by Maeve, but I can't think of any at the moment. But I can tell you she doesn't always come with us places. I asked Maeve about her yesterday while we were in the car, and Maeve gave me a withering glance and told me that Catty Jane was still at home.

I'm grateful Maeve has found another fun friend, one who's very available for play and seems to understand her pretty well. I'll keep you all informed if Catty Jane does anything really interesting...

She's around here somewhere...

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