Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Hiking with Friends

Despite a near-endless battle to be FIRST in line on our hike, Maeve and her friend A had a great time hiking Bald Mountain yesterday. It's about a two mile hike, just ten minutes west of Boulder, which makes it a great choice for young kids, and this was the first time Maeve got to bring a friend along, so she was very happy.

Getting them to hold hands helped with the fighting. Sometimes.
The fields were green and gorgeous, and wildflowers capriciously splashed the landscape.

Mountain bluebells
One of the best things about hiking was that A's mom and I got to actually talk to each other, which as you other moms know is a pleasant and rare diversion. I mean, we had to break up many "who's first" fights also, and remind the kids not to run, but we also got to talk.

Almost to the top!
The girls debated the possibilities of whether there were dinosaurs in the forest, whether butterflies have ears, and whatever else floated through their brains. But nobody argued about whether or not it was the perfect day for a hike, because it obviously was!

We took breaks every time we found shade, though.
The girls even got to try out their adventurous nature and do a little gentle rock climbing.

Anyway, it was a beautiful, memorable day yesterday, and I'm grateful for such good friends to share it with.

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