Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Worlds at the Lake

By the lake, you and I
inhabit our own worlds.
Yours is bounded by the water and sand,
full of mud, sticks, bugs, driftwood.
Mine between the pages of my book.

I watch you thrill and squeal,
then calm and inspect
what plants look like underwater
and how deep the mud goes,
your hands and feet, your only tools.

I am reading about being present 
in every moment of my day
and so I put my book down
for awhile, just to watch you poke, explore,
and find your own way along the beach.

You ask, Can you see me?
over and over, because I told you,
Stay where I can see you.
And it reminds me again and again
that you long to be seen.

You became a part of that lake yesterday
while I only visited.
My distaste for sand and messes
kept me apart from the place,
But you inhabited it fully, and I loved watching you.

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