Thursday, June 25, 2015

Laid Back Days

No big news around here, Maeve has a cough so we're trying to make our activities nice and laid back. She has a birthday party on Saturday so we've gotta save her energy for healing.

So we've colored together, written her mummy book, watched a lot of (mostly) educational tv, played some new board games, and taken some laid-back walks with the dog.

Yesterday, our one outing was to Costco, and Maeve brought her new stuffed animal. He's a Taco Bell chihuahua, but from Maeve's perspective, it's SkippyJon Jones, hero of the SkippyJon book series. (He's a Siamese cat who thinks he's a chihuahua, long story.)

But I found out yesterday that  Maeve believes SkippyJon is a girl. Okay with me. I got my pronouns corrected a few times before I figured it out. Moms can be so slow, sometimes.

So we're taking today and tomorrow nice and slow, too. We'll see what else I learn.

Taken in our driveway, of course. SkippyJon required a seatbelt, too.

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