Monday, June 29, 2015

Our Day in the Mountains

I had in mind a post on marriage equality, and how excited I am about the SCOTUS ruling, but I think I got all of that out of my system on Facebook. Don't think I am unmoved, please, but I have other things to write about today.

Today I want to write about the magical day we spent in the mountains yesterday.

We visited the property that belongs to Daddy's parent's friends, up near Fairplay. It was a very long, beautiful drive, but once we got there, Maeve was as happy as a clam.  There was fresh bacon, a swing, and a couple of willing playmates in the shape of grandparents.

Maeve was thrilled to get to make s'mores, and just snack on whatever she wanted.

But Maeve's absolute favorite event yesterday had to be when Grandpa took us 4-wheeling in his new Jeep. She was whooping and hollering from the backseat and having an absolute ball.

We were sorry to say goodbye yesterday afternoon, but what a glorious day we had together! It was a perfect summer Sunday in the mountains.

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