Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Just Swimmingly

Yesterday, Maeve had her first ever swimming lesson. I had no idea if she'd be crying and holding onto my leg, or jumping in with gusto. I tried to prepare her by starting to teach her how to put her head underwater, and I talked her through some of the things her teacher might ask her to do. She was very excited to get started, practically chomping at the bit.

When we arrived yesterday, I discovered I had written down the wrong time for her class, and we had just missed it. But the very kind staff put Maeve with her same teacher for the next half-hour class so she could get to know her.

The only trick was that her teacher was now teaching a youth-level class, not preschool.

My stomach sunk. Oh no. Maeve was going to have a super hard time in swim class and it was ALL MY FAULT. (That mom guilt works quickly, y'all.)

I sat down and watched anxiously as class began. My one consolation is that Maeve can easily stand in the swim lesson area of the pool, so I had faith that she wouldn't panic. But the wildly happy grin she started with never left her face once for the whole half an hour. She absolutely loved every second of those lessons yesterday. I watched her try to back float, practice kicking her legs, and even practice making strokes with her arms.

My fears dissipated almost instantly and I turned into a giant buttery ball of Mom Pride.

My girl is astonishing in every way.

And she is already having a hard time waiting the 2 1/2 hours until swim lessons start today.

This is what happened when I said, Show me your swim lessons pose!

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