Thursday, July 2, 2015

Time Out Math

In case I occasionally give the impression that it's all daisies and roses around here, I would like to report that Maeve had a half-hour long time out yesterday.

She was not so good at doing the math; when I told her that every time she screamed or hit her door, I'd add five minutes to her time. And that quickly took ten minutes to thirty.

I kept thinking to myself: surely she will soon understand that if she can just be super quiet, time out will be over sooner... but no. That was a bit too much to expect, I guess. For the last ten minutes of that time out, she managed to be quiet. But holy cow.

So now today I'm wondering, will she have learned from yesterday? If she ends up in time out, will she simply wait quietly for ten minutes? I can't tell you how much I wish she was that kind of kid, but I severely doubt it. We will see how long it takes.

I know she looks cute...

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