Thursday, July 9, 2015

News From the Front

Things are undoubtedly still rough around here, but I'm working on it.

First, I implemented a big carrot for the carrot-stick maneuver. She gets to play Minecraft with Dad in the evenings only if she hasn't had any time-outs that day. So far she's had one day this week where that's been the case...

Second, I thought through one of the things that are triggers for her, like getting buckled in the car, or finding her shoes. I decided I'll see if I can talk Maeve into some team work for those particular activities, like I can hand her the seat belt, and leave her shoes on a shelf downstairs.

And last, I noticed that I get really upset at bedtime when she gets obstreperous about brushing her teeth, so I'm going to back off that particular activity and let Dad take over. If you can't beat 'em, give up and get out!

More updates from the front as things progress.

Silliness from the front lines

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