Friday, July 10, 2015

Yesterday Was Golden

Yesterday was golden.

After her usual, blissful swimming lesson, I whisked Maeve away to a favorite park to meet up with her very dear friend, who last summer moved to Kansas.

This was about one second after they were re-united. The two of them played on the playground without ceasing for roughly an hour. It was like no time at all had passed... except that both girls are taller than they were a year ago.

The theme of the day appeared to be silliness.

Yes, that's my kid, looking like Popeye. I have never showed her Popeye or fed her spinach since she was a baby, so I don't really know how that happened...

After the park, the adults dragged the kids to lunch at a restaurant, which, being Mexican, had the gall not to serve macaroni and cheese. I know. But Maeve shook off her initial disgust and found something new to try on the menu, which made me immensely proud.

More silliness ensued. Maeve also managed to accidentally break her soda glass, but I ask you, O restaurant, why are you serving soda to children in glass cups? Why?

Our Kansas friends were happy and full of green chile, a commodity not available where they live. So we took off to a local splash area for the kiddos to run off more of their crazy.

They got thoroughly soaked, and then started climbing on the art. And being goofy.

The waterworks (and yelling and hitting) started when we had to leave the splash area, but it's always hard to say goodbye to friends who live a long way away. I ended up crying, too, but goodbyes are never easy for me.

All taken together, though, yesterday was one of our best days in a long time. And I'm glad we had it, because it'll shed its light on other, harder days.

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