Monday, July 20, 2015

RenFest 2015

You guys. The Renaissance Festival.

Maeve cried so hard when we left, she said it was the most fun she had EVER HAD.

Let me show you.

Giant knight!

Watching one of the shows

Feeding the llama!

Maeve got to do so many things. I mean, a whole lot. We didn't spring for some of the more expensive/more risky things she was interested in, like, say, we didn't let her shoot a crossbow or do the giant jumping trampoline thingies. But she got to do and see a whole lot for one afternoon!

All of us! In one picture!

Silly pirate
And the absolute, bar none, best part of the day was this right here:

It was the most amazing feeling. I want to do it again every year. I felt the intelligence and the kindness of that animal the moment I sat on it. And the RenFest takes very,very good care of their elephants, which is a relief to me.

Maeve also got to help make her own glass ornament, she picked out the glass colors, and the woman blew the glass right in front of us! It was so special and Maeve was amazed. You can tell she's happy in that bottom picture because her face is filthy.

After we did the glass, it was almost time to go. But quickly, Maeve picked out a shield for herself, and we snapped one last silly picture before we left.

New shield!

We were all exhausted. Taking a child to a crowded Renaissance Festival is exhausting and I'm frankly glad we waited until she was this age to take her. But we'll remember her first one forever!

And some silly person tried on Dad's chain mail when we got home...

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