Thursday, July 23, 2015

Maeve Meditation

One of the things I've been trying on my journey to help Maeve deal with her angry feelings is meditation. I got the idea from this video.

I watched it with Maeve a couple of times, and it gave me some good vocabulary for talking with Maeve about her feelings. Sometimes, now, right in the moment when she's angry, I ask her, where do you feel the anger in your body? And kind of interrupts the flow of feelings, when she stops to examine them from the outside.

After I ask her about where her feelings are, sometimes I can get her to sit and meditate with me. Sometimes I put on a video from Youtube, (there are many children's meditation videos on youtube, some are cheesy but so far all of them have worked well for us) or sometimes we just breathe together for awhile. We do in for one, out for one; in for two, out for two; in for three, out for three.

Now, meditating has not turned into a magical solution that makes Maeve just never feel angry anymore, but she has seen it work to help herself calm down, and I feel like I'm finally giving her a tool she can actually use. And that's a good feeling for both of us.

My education board on Pinterest has a lot of the youtube videos we've used, in case you want a place to start:

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