Monday, July 27, 2015

Kindergarten Countdown

Here's the good news: there are only three weeks until Maeve starts Kindergarten. And at this point, I do not feel any melancholy weepiness about this event. It's more of a gleeful anticipation. Like, I may be counting down the weeks.

I won't rule out that I might cry on that first day. I mean, I might. But right now, I just know that Maeve is extremely bored of me and all my good ideas, and is really ready to be in a class full of interesting kids again. And I am ready to have some quiet mornings in which to walk the dog, make phone calls, run errands, and generally make myself useful. Or read.

I mean, probably read a lot.

But I just want to shout out solidarity to my fellow mommas who are feeling the burn of summer. It's not just your kids that are acting out and driving you crazy. It's not just you feeling short on patience and looking longingly at the calendar. It's most definitely us, too.

A rare shot of Maeve and the dog getting along

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