Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Few Things I Like

Shall we not speak about yesterday? We shall not. It was... rough. It is over.

Today I wanted to blog about a couple of products that I'm really happy I found. And no, no one is paying me to mention them, I promise.

But the thing is, I am always on the hunt for specific kinds of beauty products. I have three qualifications: No parabens, cruelty free, and available at Target. Target has expanded what it carries in these catagories lately, and I've found some good stuff, so I'm going to share.

Also, why do I care about parabens and animal cruelty? Why not organic, or all-natural, or whatever? Well, we all have things we care about and things we can't be bothered to care about. But parabens are illegal to put in beauty products in Europe because they're known to cause cancer. And no way do I want my family using known carcinogens in products we use every day.

And animal cruelty? Well, let me put it this way. You know when your bottle of shampoo says "Dermatologist Tested"? That means that in a lab, someone squirted it into hundreds of rabbits' eyes, every day, for years, to make sure it wouldn't, I don't know, give them a rash or cancer or something. But screw that. I look for products that say "cruelty free" or "not tested on animals" because I can't live with myself when I think of animals suffering just so I don't get a rash.

Okay, so here's the good stuff.

This is Pacifica mineral mascara. Love it! It's the most expensive product on this list, but cruelty free makeup is really hard to find. And it's not too bad, at $12.

I've been using this line of shampoo and conditioner for a year now, so it's time for a change, but this line is by Burt's Bees, and has a few nice scents. Also, it's only $6!

This is the new shampoo I've picked up, it's in Target's shampoo aisle instead of  in the 'organic beauty products' aisle. The best thing about this product is they donate the gear to make clean water to various places around the world with every purchase. Good stuff, it smells good, and $5!

This one I'm particularly proud of. It's paraben/cruelty free shaving cream! So hard to find! And it's not even an aerosol can, it's a lotion. I really like the texture, the smell, and it's only $4 as I recall.

I love using a makeup remover cloth, and the Yes To is a great line of products. I used to use their shampoo for a very long time. These little beauties are perfect and are cheaper because they're not full cloths. I think they were $3.99
Anyway, I wanted to share. Maybe you care about parabens and cruelty-free stuff, maybe you don't, but all these things work great and are pretty affordable. I'm really glad I'm at the point in my life financially where I can spend time and energy looking for products that don't violate my standards or my conscience. Happy Tuesday!


  1. why do you change shampoo so often? it's difficult for me to find hair stuff I like, so I never ever ever change without scouring the earth for every last known bottle. I once bought great clips spray-on-leave-in conditioner from ebay. in the '90s. that ish was the bomb. and I'm sure full of parabens. here in ecuador, where nothing is illegal except products from the usa, parabens are in EVERYTHING, including "all-natural environmentally friendly (I'm drawing a blank on the word that means you can throw it away and not contaminate the ground water)" dish soap.

    1. I change shampoo when it seems like it's not doing much for my hair anymore. But when I get tired of Soapbox, I'll probably go back to Gud.