Tuesday, August 18, 2015

School Aged Kiddo

Our family has entered a new phase. We have a before and after-school routine now every day. Next month there will be homework, and I've already scheduled her for the beginning of the year standardized test.

I am the mother of a school-aged kid now.

I introduced myself to one of the other moms yesterday, and am definitely going to keep talking to them. I hope Maeve eventually makes some friends in her class, but that's not really her goal right now. She's just working on how to be in the classroom, how to be a good student and helper. And I remember how long it took her last year to really make friends with other kids.

Maeve did a great job on her first day of school, I even heard from her that her clip got moved for doing something well - not sure what, she's pretty fuzzy on the details. She also reported singing the Going on a Bear Hunt song, which is an oldie but a goodie in the Kindergarten sphere.

Today? Day two. Ready to get in the groove.

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