Friday, August 14, 2015

Until Yesterday

I wasn't worried about Maeve starting Kindergarten until yesterday.

Yesterday we met her teacher, Mrs. F, who seems totally wonderful. But the school only hired her two weeks ago, and she doesn't have a kindergarten classroom, she has a wherever they could find room for her classroom. That means: no potty. The bathroom is three hallways away. Gulp.

And I realized I need to figure out what should go in her backpack. And I have to write her name on it somewhere. And what is Maeve going to wear on her first day? And should I plan activities for after school or not?

And I think I understand how dropoff is supposed to work, but it's so not like preschool. At all. Is Maeve going to remember to hang up her backpack and coat? Will she remember which ones are hers at the end of the day?

And what will I do when other kids are unkind to her? What will I do if she's unkind to someone else's kid?

Oh heavens to Betsy, what am I getting myself in for?

I mean, I get almost 3 hours to myself every day. Maybe I will manage not to spend all three of them worrying about what could go wrong.

Just breathe, Momma.

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