Monday, October 5, 2015

Running Again

This may actually kill me, but I am taking Patches for a run this morning.

My cough is almost gone, but I'll pack a cough drop just in case. It's just that it's been more than a month since I've been on a run and I genuinely miss it.

Which is a weird thing for me to say, because there have been precious few forms of exercise that I can honestly say I've missed when I had to give them up for awhile. There's just something about running, even though I'm not at all any good at it, I just feel better when I do it.

Whew, I'm back. Pushed myself pretty hard, considering what my lungs have been through in the last month. I'm still hot and breathing hard, but it was worth it. Running in the fall is this kind of anxious delight, because you know soon the sidewalks will be too slippery or snowy for this. So you enjoy it more, knowing it will end.

And I have such a beautiful place to run.

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