Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Expanding Artistic Horizons

One of the best things about having a five year old is watching her artistic horizons expand rapidly. It seems that every time she produces a new piece of art, I am bowled over by its creativity, its newness, its unique quality.

Lately, she painted a sunset while she was home with Shaun. It's glowing and vivid, and as my aunt pointed out, the tree trunk is solid, not an afterthought. I love the color she used, and she told a story with the picture.

Last night she decorated a tissue as a robe/dress for her stuffed puppy. I love how the flowers turned out, so lively and green. The effect of markers on tissue gives it a gentle, fuzzy-edged look, I think.

I also love how she designs clothes for her dolls and stuffed animals, and herself, but that's another post. It just seems to me that her creativity is reaching out in a hundred directions right now, and I love watching it spread.

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