Monday, November 30, 2015

Nutcracker Sweet

My mother-in-law reminded me this week that I was excited about taking Maeve to the Nutcracker when I found out I was having a girl. I know, I could have taken a boy to the Nutcracker, too, and knowing me, I would have. But I remembered how I felt seeing it as a little girl, and wanted to give that gift away.

So when the lights went down at Macky Auditorium yesterday, my eyes filled with happy mom-tears. That thing you just don't understand till you're a mom, that even happy things can make you cry. Weird but true.

Maeve kept proclaiming, I'm so excited! This is my first Nutcracker! I can't wait! I love today! to anyone who would listen. The ushers beamed at me, and I'm pretty sure I beamed back.

Maeve really did a bang-up job. She whispered her many questions to me, clapped at all the right times, and refrained from kicking the seat in front of her. About ten minutes into the production, she whispered to me, Mom, are they doing ballet? I couldn't help but laugh. I think she asked because no one in the opening scene was wearing a tutu.

She got very antsy during the second act, though. She kept asking me, is it over yet? So after we watched all the best dances of the second half, I told her we could go ahead and go. Which made it a lot easier to get out of the auditorium and get to our car that I parked just about a mile away, because Boulder. Ugh.

But we had a wonderful tome, and Maeve definitely wants to go again next year.

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