Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Reading Milestones

So, one of the biggest deals in kindergarten is learning to read, and Maeve is waist-deep in the stuff right now. She's learning the two-vowel rule, sounding things out, and memorizing sight words every single day.

At first, it frustrated her so badly that she absolutely hated anything to do with it, but now that she's getting the hang of it, it's not so onerous. And yesterday she did something that I vividly remember doing as a new reader: reading signs I saw while we were in the car.

Although what she read? Not a road sign. Not a billboard. Not a bumpersticker. No, she found some graffiti to read to me.

Oh-so-luckily, the graffiti she found said M_A_S_K. So not a new vocabulary word with an embarrassing definition, thank goodness! But we did have a brief discussion about how writing on something that doesn't belong to you isn't really a good idea.

Reading milestones!

And she still plays in her play kitchen a lot, too. Unfortunately, Patches has eaten everything except for the vegetables, so I order a lot of salads...

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