Thursday, November 5, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015!

I meant to write about trick-or-treating, but it got away from me a little.

Anyway, this year Maeve got to go trick or treating with a group of her kindergarten friends. We met up at one girl's house, right here in our neighborhood, and then walked around a large loop of houses. I think having a group to go up to the door with helped give the kids a little extra nerve to knock on strangers' doors. And it was really nice to have a group of grownups to hang out and chat with while we waited and hoped our kids were saying "Thank you".

The kiddos did get spooked pretty well at least once, at a house that had a motion-activated animatronic spider that popped up when they walked past. It also boasted a pumpkin-headed figure that moved and spoke when the kids walked by, and that's when Maeve gave up on that house. She just walked back to us and said, "That house is just too spooky for me." We, of course, told her that was just fine.

It was just the perfect night for trick or treating, clear sky, very little wind, and really quite warm, considering. In fact, it was absolutely the nicest Halloween weather we've had since Maeve started trick-or-treating. And of course, she got plenty of loot, which is being shared equally among us.

I hope all of you had a great Halloween, too!

From her school Halloween parade, the kitty in motion

Maeve and the trick or treat crew!

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