Saturday, March 26, 2016

As She Grows

One thing that's a challenge about having a growing, elementary-aged kiddo is that she is getting bigger and stronger all the time. Things I sometimes think are totally beyond her are actually not hard for her at all. It's hard to grow my ideas about her as quickly as she herself is growing.

For example, on our recent vacation, we took a break at a rest stop that had an empty train car for kids to play in. She quickly shimmied up the ladder and before I could even caution her not to, she jumped across the raised area of the car from one side to the other, effortlessly. So I shrugged and let her go at it. There was a pole about five feet off the ground from which she was swinging, and just as I asked her if she wanted help down, she swung once, twice, three times, and jumped, landing on her feet.

I realized I had to adjust my ideas of what she's capable of. And that applies to more than climbing around like a monkey.

She also reads better than I think she does, and is growing by leaps and bounds in that area. She can solve math problems in ways I never imagined. This is not to say that homework and school are not giant struggles, they still are, but once she gets to what she's doing, she amazes me.

I never want to be the mother that underestimates her daughter, but it's easy to do, considering she is growing and changing all the time! I just have to remember that I really have no idea what she's capable of. And that's an amazing thing!

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