Tuesday, March 8, 2016


You may have noticed a serious slowdown in my posts on this page, and you might think it's because now that Maeve is in school, I have less time for this. Maybe you know I'm spending a lot of time working for different committees at my church, and have taken on a part time work-from-home position for a friend's life coaching company. And that's all a part of it.

But the truth is, now that my daughter is older, these aren't my stories anymore. They're hers. And I don't feel like I necessarily have the right to tell her stories anymore. Even when I write about how I'm feeling about these parenting moments, my story is so bound up with hers that I don't know how to tell my story without telling hers.

Anyway, I'm trying to find the balance with what I want to share, with what's fair to talk about and what's just not mine. There are big changes coming to us this year, with a new school in the fall and friends moving away this spring. I am struggling with a lot of things, and celebrating others, and I'm sorry that I don't write here as much anymore.

Please know that I have loved writing here, and I will still do so, when the moment is right. And thank you for your patience, and for sticking with me all these years.

 - Maeve's Momma

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