Thursday, February 10, 2011


Memo to Mom from Maeve:

  • The contents of my mouth and nose are none of your beeswax.
  • I like pulling books off the shelf.  When they end up on the floor, however, I trip on them.  Fix that.
  • More spinach, less tofu.
  • Take me near that Satan Shower again and you'll be even sorrier.
  • I want it till you give it to me, then it's boring.
  • Books are cyclical, not linear.  Read it again.
  • I think Elmo is already my favorite.  Too bad, Grover-lovin' Momma.
  • You ask why I don't play with my toys.  But the World is my toy.
  • I like smooches better when I'm sleepy.
  • All my toys belong on the floor.  It takes me forever to get them the way I want them, then you mess them all up again when I'm sleeping.  What gives?
  • DVDs might be made of candy.  I'm conducting research.  Don't take them away from me till I prove my hypothesis.
  • You eat off the counter, I eat off the floor.  To each her own.
  • One day I will succeed in my goals and eat your camera, cell phone, and remotes.  
  • Your face is the one I like best, that's why I'm always trying to pull it off, so I can take it with me.
  • Thanks for the cookies, the chocolate ones in particular are most excellent.
  • I love you even when you don't feel pretty or even competent. 
Cookie break


  1. This might be the best memo ever. :)

  2. Adorable! Curious...does her wish to eat all of your cell phones/cameras/remotes extend to any future ones you buy?

  3. Tim - I imagine so. They look tasty.