Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hello? I'm Talking.

"As a teenager you are at the last stage in your life when you will be happy to hear that the phone is for you. " -Fran Lebowitz

Usually, when Maeve picks up a play phone, she just says "Hewwo? Hewwo?" and that's about it.  Which is why Shaun and I almost died laughing yesterday when she picks up his cell phone and says this: Hewwo? Hewwo? I'm talking. Pizza hot dogs. Spaghetti!

Now, pizza hot dogs is a reference to when Maeve and I have a lunch date at Costco: she gets a hot dog and I get a slice of pizza. We also took her there after her doctor visit last week as a treat.  So I think she was either recounting that she had been there or requesting to go.  But the spaghetti was the best part, she nearly hollered that into the phone.  As I said on Facebook last night, I don't know if she was talking to food, about food, or both.

I love that she's getting to an age that she says funny things, it really cracks us up and keeps us entertained.  This morning, she finally showed me what Daddy keeps telling me she does in the bath: she made her toy horse smooch a dragon, and said Thank you Horsie, Thank You Dinosaur.  Apparently her bath toys smooch and thank each other all the time.  Daddy and I have been known to say thank you to each other when we kiss, so maybe that's where she got it.  Cracks me up!

She is certainly making our lives more interesting, and a lot funnier.  I can't wait for all the funny things she's going to say that I can immortalize here and on Facebook.  She'll love that when she's older, right?

A regular cut-up!

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