Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It is 5:15

It is 5:15 and my daughter is awake.  I'm going to blame it on the teeth, as she is cutting a 2-year molar right now.  But really, it could be anything.  We've been having sleeping trouble since yesterday when she didn't take a nap until 3 in the afternoon, which is a good 2-3 hours late for her.

That one I can definitely blame on the teeth; I could tell she was exhausted, but in too much pain to sleep.  Finally, her exhaustion overcame her pain, but only after she screamed like a banshee for a few minutes.  It was a first, waking her up for dinner, poor thing.  But she went to bed very easily last night.

Now it's almost six, closer to when she's normally up.  I am so sick to death of teething, I swear I'm going to throw a huge party with all kinds of festive adult drinks when she finally cuts all of these molars. I give her chewable acetaminophen for the pain, but it doesn't fix things at all, and the pain makes her overly sensitive, impatient, and worst of all, a bad sleeper.

I can cope, it's just going to be a long day.  I might need that second cup of coffee.

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