Friday, June 15, 2012

Coolest. Park. Ever.

Maeve and I discovered the world's most perfect park yesterday.  You might have seen me post about it on Facebook, but I wanted to do an expanded review here on the blog.  I am not exaggerating when I say it is the coolest park I have ever been to, and I basically want to pitch a tent and go live there.

Westminster City Park is a Peter Pan themed park: it has a Jolly Roger, Big Ben, London Bridge, the Darling's house, plus a bunch of hollow logs and a big rock hill with slides.  There is even an alligator.  But instead of talking about it, I'll show you!

I think all kids love these timed water fountains!
Peter looks in the upstairs window at the Darling house
London Bridge, with Big Ben behind it
Great hollow log, I expected Lost Boys to come popping out.
An ideal place for mermaids - or for toddlers to splash!
Slide off the mountain.  Clearly a big hit!
All my shots of her are in motion because she basically didn't stop moving the whole time we were there!
Tick tock tick tock!
Lion's head fountain, pretty sweet
Again, checking for Lost Boys
Goofy face!
Tink? Peter? Toodles?
The Jolly Roger - which Maeve pointed out looks like a letter H.

I honestly think this is the coolest park ever invented in the history of parks.  I am so happy my tax dollars are going to super awesome things like this!  Happy Friday!

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