Friday, October 26, 2012

Home All Week

So I had what we stay-at-home moms consider a real vacation this week, or as close as we can really get to one: my husband has been home with me all week.  And get this, not only has he been home, but his head has been home all week.  Really.

He has spent this whole week thinking just about home stuff, about us, and has managed to keep his work thoughts and worries at bay just about this whole time.  He is starting to fall into the rhythm of our days, understanding how the arc of her energy grows and diminishes, preparing for the inevitable meltdowns in the afternoon, giving me energy and motion in the early afternoon when I hit the wall but she's still not ready for her nap.

He has worked really hard on our yard; we have enough trees for a small forest in our yard, mostly deciduous, so he patiently blew them around and then sucked them up with the leaf blower, bagged them, and then set in to trimming back the wicked juniper bushes that ring the yard on two sides.  He also spent yesterday assembling more shelving in the garage to store some things of our own, and some of our parents' things, as we now live in a larger house than either of our parents.

But he has also done the dishes for me, given me the gift of time to run errands and get things done, and most of all, played and played and played with Maeve.  Yesterday, he sent her into hysterics by wearing a trick-or-treat pumpkin on his head with a hoodie on, so he looked like the Headless Horseman with his head back on.  Maeve wanted him to do everything wearing it, and was really bummed out when he couldn't wear it to the store, or while giving her a bath. 

It's been good to have him home, really home.

I know she looks nonplussed, but she really loved it!

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