Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Making Her Room Amazing

One of the coolest things about being a parent and having enough income to be able to spend a little extra, at least once in awhile, is being able to make my daughter's room into an amazing, magical space.  We've slowly been putting pieces of it together, and because of my sweet style, it's not exactly one clear theme, but it does seem to be coming together.

Maeve has art with dinosaurs, animals in rockets, and a page lovingly recreated from The Runaway Bunny.  She has a super cool light-up planet/sun mobile on her ceiling, a small collection of holiday themed snow globes, a rug with a hopscotch on it, and Christmas lights around her door on a timer to tell her when it's okay to get up.

But her bed is the best part: we bought this gorgeous quilt for her from Target when she was little tiny, a forest-themed animal quilt with birds, owls, hedgehogs, foxes, and the like, and lots of trees.  And now it's perfectly paired with a giant leaf canopy and a wall sticker of Totoro.  I seriously feel like we made her room into a wonderland last night, check it out:

I just love feeling like I've helped create a space for her to imagine and play, where she might feel like she's sleeping in a treehouse in Neverland, or in Totoro's big tree.  Anyway, that's just my happy thought for today.

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