Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Happy Little Working Song

Since I am a singer and choir member from way back, it's not really a big surprise that Maeve has picked up a lot of singing habits.  For instance, she likes to slow down at the end of the song, what we call a ritard, for emphasis.  I know she got it from me, I have a tendency to throw in a ritard at the end of some of her lullabies.  It works nicely to make the point that mom is done singing and is about to leave, so get sleepy.

She also tends to narrate her daily activities with songs, and I have no idea how that happened.  *looks around innocently*  She sings while she washes her hands, while she puts on her shoes, but mostly just while she plays.  Sometimes I have the urge to join in, but I squash it and let her do her own tune.  You can kind of watch her brain work by listening to her sing, as she switches tracks in her lyrics between fighting dinosaurs, love, getting splashed, dancing, and going away.

It's true, too, that Daddy and I have used singing as a tool since she was very small.  We have liberally borrowed from classics like Raffi and the Brush your Teeth song, as well as modern iterations from Yo Gabba Gabba and Daniel Tiger.  Here's a couple of very useful ones in case you need them:

                                              "Don't bite your friends"

                                              "You gotta try new food 'cuz it might taste good!"

                                              "Brush Brushy Brush your teeth"

Anyway.  Maeve's singing has come a long way, she now can hold notes and change pitches pretty well.  I think I may have already posted this, but I will share again, here she is singing "Yesterday":

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