Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Girl, Her Dog

Maeve and Patches are making friends. Maeve certainly didn't have any trouble falling in love with Patches, but they are still learning how to interact with each other. Maeve is learning about Patches' schedule, when he has energy and when he needs to rest, about what she can and can't touch of his. She's done a good job staying away from his food, and we have begun work on the 'give' command, but if the toy is jingly, all bets are off. He loves his jingle toys too much to even consider handing them over for a game of fetch.

Patches certainly ignores her commands, she's another puppy and not an authority figure, and at this point I think there isn't much to be done about that. But they are definitely making friends.

At first he was not a fan of her being outside while he was in, now he likes to say hi at the window.

Prettying up his collar

Now that's better!

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