Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Story: Rock Climbing Girl

Today: just a story.

After our Red Robin dinner on Monday night, we let the child stretch her legs and burn off some energy before we went home. There were some planters surrounded by rocks nearby which seemed to do the trick.

She climbed around on the rocks, proudly unaided by us, and told us she could walk around the rocks twenty billion times. Suffice it to say that large numbers are de riguer at our house, lately.

But soon her imagination was in full swing. At first, she wanted Dad to pretend to be a sneaky lion and mom to be a mother leopard. Then she decided she would be a "mountain-looker", which we determined was probably some sort of scout.

After she finished up all her scouting, she decided to be Super Peg, from the hit PBS tv show, Peg + Cat. Super Peg solves problems with her Sphere of Focus, which is her favorite marble. But Maeve just mostly struck heroic poses and asked me if there was anything wrong in Mathtropolis.

See the striking poses? Yeah, I know she looks more like a chicken than a superhero, but it's not easy to catch this girl posing. But she looks very heroic from my perspective. And speaking of my perspective, you can actually catch me in one of the above pics - a rare sighting for Maeve's Momma!

Sometimes the age of 4 can be so challenging, tiring, even crazy-making, but I do love all the pretend play. When she's not incessantly asking Daddy or I to do impressions of her favorite characters, we have an awful lot of fun!

And just for the record - she circled the rocks more than thirty times - but not quite 20 billion.

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