Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Princess Culture Gets in Somehow

Well, no matter how much you try to push the princess culture away from the kiddo, it gets in through the cracks. All I can say for certain is that she has never had a princess-sourced tantrum, i.e., Princesses never have to put their clothes in the laundry! or the suchlike.

And I've done my best to point out to her when her favorite princesses (Anna and Rapunzel, namely) are being brave, strong, smart, or otherwise active in their own destiny, which her fave princesses regularly are. She has never seen the 'everything happens TO me yet I do nothing' girls like Sleeping Beauty or Snow White, so that paradigm is unfamiliar to her.

And truthfully, if I ever thought any of those movies was being a bad influence on her or her character, they would be gone in a heartbeat. We noticed she was being very unkind and angry after watching a modern adaptation of Casper the Friendly Ghost so we nixed that nonsense directly. Since she started her movie-watching life with Mizaki movies, she tends to favor the independent, smart girl.

All this to say, I know I've made statements about how we didn't want to raise Maeve within the princess culture, and maybe you've now seen photos of her dressed like a princess and wondered about our commitment. But she's getting her own take on it, and I'm trying to help her see the positive things about her heroines. And just to be very clear: the one thing I swore up and down is that she would never wear a onesie or t-shirt proclaiming her to be a princess, and she never has, so I stuck to my guns on that one.

by one of her faves at Target

Princess Maeve scaled the rocks after dinner last night

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