Thursday, June 5, 2014

Will There be Kids There?

I have nothing terribly inspirational to say today, but just an anecdote:

Maeve found a friend at storytime yesterday, at the library. She sat next to her, they held hands for nearly the whole time. The fact that this girl, though an inch or so taller than Maeve, was willing to hold her hand for so long, told me she wasn't very old. Plus, we were at preschool storytime and this girl didn't have any younger siblings there.

It turns out super tall, friendly girl was also four. Whoa! I have never met any four year olds who are as big as Maeve! It gives me hope that she won't always stick out like a sore thumb when she's in school.

I love to see Maeve introduce herself to other kids, and make friends, all on her own. She's slowly gaining ground on this one, and I'm betting this fall will be the advent of many new friendships when she starts preschool. Or at least, lots of new "best friends" whose names she promptly forgets.

But we've come a long way since she would ask me, in terror, on our way to the library: Will there be KIDS there? Now storytime is a great place to make a friend.

My darling girl, a year ago today.

The more confident four year old Maeve

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