Friday, June 6, 2014

Sharing a Park Bench, Quietly

 "Can you imagine us years from today, sharing a park bench, quietly?" - Simon and Garfunkel, Old Friends

 Maeve and K have been friends for a very long time. Maeve was, I think, about 17 months old when she and K started hanging out, so K would have been right around a year. We used to live only about 20 minutes apart, but we doubled that distance when both of us moved. But still, we make it work. When your friends have kids around the same time as you, suddenly you have even more in common!

I just wanted to tell a story in pictures, of Maeve and K's friendship. It makes me so happy that they are so sweet to each other. Real friends are the ones who've known you since before you had ANY social skills and love you anyway!

First date: at the park

K gamely putting up with Maeve's inspection

Exploring together at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science

Maeve explaining the properties of her toy.

Maeve trying to kiss K at the Botanic Gardens

Pearl Street Date

Another park date

Butterfly Pavillion date!

Maeve snubs K at his own birthday party.

Bowling: K's fave activity

Maeve and K playing Hi, Ho Cherry-O

Maeve and K on our first camping trip!

Silliness at lunch

Maeve and K on the carousel!

More park dates!

Yesterday at the zoo - still friends :)

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