Monday, June 30, 2014

Iron Man Loves to Fly

Video games are the new wave in my house. Daddy and I felt like she'd reached a high enough level of coordination and ability to be interested in such a thing, and so he tried her out on the Lego Marvel characters game.

Maeve had demonstrated some staying power when she learned to play Sonic the Hedgehog on our tablet. It's a pretty simple game, but fast-paced, and she really stuck with it and kept trying -  in fact, she used to call the game "Try Again, Sonic!"  But now she's better at it than I.

So she had a lot of fun moving around the characters in the Marvel game, particularly making Iron Man fly all over the Lego New York City. She's not at all interested in the goals of the game or what she's supposed to be doing, but she loves flying around doing whatever catches her fancy, which makes her a lot like her dad, actually. I've known him to noodle around games for hours, just leveling up, so he can be ready for the next big challenge or boss fight, or just to explore the territory.

It's astounding to watch her learn how to use what to me is a fairly complicated controller in pretty short order. For me, moving around in 3D space in a game is very difficult because I grew up playing 2D side-scrolling platform games that never required me to think in more than two dimensions. But kids these days, it's a totally different world out there, especially in technology. So even though I am in awe, I'm aware that she's not necessarily a prodigy for being able to figure it out so fast.

Anyway, happy Monday, and cue the video games!

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