Thursday, June 26, 2014

These Days Will Not Last

"Time is an illusion; lunchtime, doubly so." - Douglas Adams

As Maeve ran along the top of the raised garden wall at the library yesterday, (don't worry, it's about two feet off the ground and nearly 2 feet wide), I had another one of those parenting moments where my brain breaks into reality like an old-timey radio announcer with a news bulletin: these days will not last forever.

I mostly know this, but sometimes on a particularly long day, like yesterday, when Maeve and I were both sick and impatient and short on sleep, the days can seem awfully long. But my brain reminded me that this fall she'll be in school two mornings a week, which will slip into five, which will tumble into five whole days, and just like that our long, extended days together will be limited to weekends and summers.

Whenever my brain interrupts my blur of thoughts with an announcement like that, I try to take the time to ponder it, if I can, as long as it's not one of it's doom and gloom pronouncements that I frankly can't do anything about. But yesterday, despite how I felt, I tried to really enjoy our long day together. Even though we had to watch way more t.v. than I usually allow, due to both of us being so low on energy, it was a really good day. And it was all ours.

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