Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Mother and Daughter Good Friends

Maeve and A made friends two years ago, when her mother and I decided we were going to be friends. We had met in church, and read each other's blogs, and discovered we had daughters pretty close to the same age. That's totally enough of a reason to make friends with another mom in my book!

Maeve and A had their first playdate about two years ago at Waneka Park in Lafayette, a park I'd visited since I was very young myself. The girls got along reasonably well, despite a lot of side-by-side play, since Maeve was only two at the time. And A's mom and I were fast friends, so the playdates continued.

It was a lot of work, frankly, since A was more mature than Maeve and both girls were (and are) prone to fits of pique with each other. But A was potty trained, O Miracle, and she was a good example to Maeve in that area and many more.

After about a year, we could manage to let the girls play by themselves in their rooms for a little while as we sat and had tea. This felt like a revolution, and A's mom and I got to have part or whole actual conversations with each other.

Well, now both girls can play together for quite awhile without much intervention, but my dear friend and her daughter are now moving to Kansas. Which is the Topeka UU's gain, but distinctly my loss. And Maeve's.

A was Maeve's first local, solid girlfriend, and we'll never forget all the learning they did together. I owe my thanks to A's mom who was patient through all the growing our girls did together, and who gave me her time and energy so generously. We look forward to occasional visits whenever possible!

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