Monday, September 29, 2014

Little Birdhouse in Your Soul

This weekend I beheld a marvel of concentration. Maeve did something the likes of which I have never seen her do before: she painted the entire exterior of a birdhouse, and completely finished the job.

The birdhouse was a leftover birthday gift from a friend which I'd been saving for a rainy day, and Saturday was a long day without Daddy around for some of it, so I thought we'd spend some time on the birdhouse. I will not say it was as easy to put together as it claimed to be on the box, as the missing skin on my wrist will now attest. But I got it put together, and then Maeve started painting.

She started out small, just a few swipes of orange, and I thought, oh, this is going to be another total bust of an art project that she gets bored of after three seconds. We've had plenty of those. I've just learned to try not to get frustrated when the thing which took me twenty minutes to set up becomes uninteresting.

But she just kept going and going. Right after this, she painted the entire wall of the house underneath that piece of roof. The entire thing, leaving nothing untouched. I was floored. Then she did it again! The painted the front of the birdhouse a cheerful tie-dye pattern of colors, the other side of the roof is bright red, solid. She painted for maybe a whole twenty or thirty minutes, which was just astounding.

That girl of mine. She gets more amazing every day.

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  1. artsy and sciency -- probably all those dancing dolphins ;) plus she has such nice handwriting lol