Friday, October 24, 2014

A Lot by a Little

 Yesterday we did a lot by doing a little. Like, for example, wearing a big leaf as a hat. These things are important, you know.
 We tried to watch the partial solar eclipse, but didn't really get anywhere. The sun looked pretty cool, we just couldn't see anything with the pinhole projector. It turned out jumping into leaf piles was more fun anyway.
 We also went to the park, which was important. Maeve needed a little time to herself with me, and I needed to get out and play, too. It was not a great day inside my head yesterday, and the park is good for what ails.
This was Maeve doing a high fashion pose to show me how cute her outfit was. 
I love the casual, hip-hop look she was going for. 

Have a good weekend, friends, and enjoy each other.

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