Wednesday, October 29, 2014


The vocabulary and perception of a four year old is really amazing. I can tell that Maeve understands so much more, and it's a lot harder for Daddy and I to talk over her head when we want to obfuscate our meanings. But there are still a few words that she's so close to using correctly, but not quite.

She likes to say 'exactly' when she means 'right now' or 'just how I want it'. As in, Mom, I want you to get me exactly a waffle, exactly NOW. You can imagine how that kind of request is met, by the way. Or she says, I want you to be exactly Wolverine, Mom. I kind of like it when she uses it that way.

Oh man, my brain is so fried this morning, that's the only example I can think of. But I'll post this anyway, because some days that's just how it is. She also entertained us by counting all the squares between herself and victory last night, every turn she took at Candyland. It was pretty funny, and we let her do it since it was good counting practice. So now I can say for certain that she can count past fifty without any trouble.

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