Thursday, October 30, 2014

It's Almost Toy Time

I tried an experiment yesterday: the Target Holiday Toy Catalog came in the mail yesterday, so I gave Maeve a book of stickers and the catalog and told her to put a sticker next to any toys she was interested in. I made it clear that this was not a promise that all the toys she stickered would be under the tree on Christmas morning, but that it would give Daddy and I a good idea of what she likes.

Maeve solemnly undertook the task with great focus for all of five minutes.

At the end of the five minutes, she had painstakingly stickered all the pictures of the toys on the first page of the catalog and ignored the rest.

Yup, too young for that trick, I guess. Unless she really does want a three-story Ninja Turtles playhouse and a semi-automatic Nerf gun.

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