Monday, November 3, 2014

Halloween from the Time Warp

Good morning to you from the Time Warp zone of one day after Daylight Savings. I have been awake for an hour already and it is 5:34.

This morning, I want to tell you a little about how our Halloween went. You probably already saw our pictures on Facebook, but here's the whole story.

Maeve was beyond elated to go trick or treating. She waited patiently until the sun began to set, and then announced it was time to go! We left at dusk, and Daddy very sweetly dressed up as Flynn Rider to accompany our little Rapunzel.

She practically skipped from house to house, with the excitement of the proximity of candy and meeting new neighbors. She did a good job saying Thank You every time, but she often forgot to say Trick or Treat when people opened the door; she also tried to close a lot of people's doors when she was done, even though we kept reminding her to let the neighbors close their own doors.

After an hour of total bliss, we called it a night and came home. Maeve excitedly indulged in three pieces of candy before bed. She got to try Nerds for the first time, which she loved, and has since also enjoyed Kit-Kats and Twix for the first time.

Maeve informs us that next year, she'll be Zero (from Nightmare before Christmas) or a Ninja. We'll just have to wait and see!

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