Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Six Things Needed for Halloween

Halloween is coming, parent friends, and you already know this, but are you prepared for this year? Here's what you're going to need, at least if your kid is under 5:

1. Well-hidden candy. Don't leave that stuff out in the open or you'll regret it...

2. A costume for your kid - they have already begged you for this costume for several months, and made it clear that nothing else would ever do. So you bought it.

3. Backup costume material for when your kid changes their mind about what they want to wear.

4. Also, it might snow/rain/be windy, so be prepared to argue with your kid about also wearing warmer gear over their precious and/or last minute costume.

5. A mental map of how far you're willing to go on the trick or treat train. Do NOT go up to that sketchy house, even if your kid really wants to. And consider avoiding the house where the neighbors go totally nuts at Halloween and out up $1200 worth of scary decorations, it's not worth the nightmares your kid may have.

6. A relaxing beverage that pairs well with purloined chocolate for after bedtime, and a fun Halloween movie. At our house, that's Young Frankenstein, perfectly creepy but hilarious, guaranteed to not give you scary movie regret.

Enjoy your Halloween this year, friends, and may your children be better-behaved than you expect! We can all wish, right?

Yeah, this is her fashion model pose...

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