Monday, October 20, 2014

Pumpkin Carving for Halloween!

I bet you were all waiting on pins and needles to see how our pumpkin carvings turned out. Well, quit waiting and check it out!

Kristin was carving a Cheshire Cat, we left before she finished, though...

Dad hard at work on Jack

Maeve doing her job with the hole poker

Dad kept an eye on K's pumpkin, too.

K went a little... Picasso... with his pumpkin.

Jack, the Pumpkin King!

Maeve's Jack o'Lantern

Here's all of ours! I didn't want to touch any more pumpkin squish.
We had such a great time, I think having a pumpkin carving party makes it extra fun! And Maeve loved seeing her dear K, of course, she loves him a whole lot. Now we're ready for Halloween!

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