Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Skydiving, Apropos of Nothing

Somehow, these two conversations happened yesterday.

Apropos of nothing, Maeve said: Mom, maybe when I'm sixteen years old and I have a baby, I can go skydiving. But, of course, I'd leave my baby at home.

Me: (stunned silence for a few seconds) Um... that's... good, I guess. Babies shouldn't go skydiving. But can you wait to have a baby until you're in your twenties? Sixteen is a little young for a baby.

Maeve: But twenty is a good time?

Me: Better, anyway.

And then when I recounted this conversation to Daddy on the way home, Maeve was asking why skydiving was dangerous. As Daddy and I tried to explain, she broke in with this:

Maeve: Mommy, if you go skydiving, Daddy and I would play video games for like, twenty minutes.

Me and Daddy: (laughter)

That's right, friends, if I risked my life jumping out of a plane, at least Maeve could enjoy twenty minutes to herself playing her all-important video games. Sheesh. Maybe I need to get out more.

At the zoo, hopefully not contemplating skydiving...

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