Friday, November 21, 2014

Distinguished Graduate Dog

If you've been over to my house in the last six months, you know about the trials and tribulations we've had with Patches, our puppy. Yes, he's adorable, yes, he's smart and high-spirited, but he is also pure puppy. There is no item in our house he hasn't tried to gnaw on or consume, he jumps, he barks, he is a professional sock transporter.

But last night, he graduated from his first basic obedience class. That's right, if you wave a treat in front of him, he will now sit, lie down, "leave it", stay, and possibly offer you a paw. Ask him to sit without bologna in your hand, and you have a fifty-fifty chance he will do it.

I think the best part of these classes for Patches was learning to focus around other dogs. Mo-mo and Skitz, a Golden Retriever teenager and a Puggle, were quite the distraction for him, and he's not very used to being around other dogs. Also I've been trying to get him out to the dog park when it's not 15 degrees out, and he loves that interaction.

Anyway, he managed to pull it off. Congratulations, Patches, on your (and my) achievement. I will now take my Thursday nights back to myself!

Looking most distinguished

Mom: Why?



  1. Congratulations for achieving this milestone :) I came to your blog through next blog option and I think I am on the right place. Not only my Late Dog Lucky but my Late two cats also looks like Patches :) My currently living cat looks like him too! And honestly just like Patches, my every pet was so naughty :D
    Love Naqvee
    From "When Almighty Desires!"

    1. Thanks, Naqvee! Glad you came to visit!