Thursday, December 11, 2014

Bad Behavior Day

Yesterday was what I would laughingly refer to as a bad behavior day at our house. Maeve was in trouble for shoving at school, then came home and unleashed the beast on me.

In fact, she screamed at me so much, I instituted an all-whispering conversation rule. I responded to nothing that wasn't asked in a whisper, and I would only respond that way. For hours.

At first she didn't get it, kept screaming at me, but it's not so hard to tune out screaming. I played the long game, and I waited.

It eventually worked, and there were far fewer outbursts for the rest of the afternoon. I did, however, have to take a momcation after dinner and do some serious scrapbooking and instrumental music listening before I could interact sanely again. Thank goodness Daddy was home and willing to help!

Honestly, moms. When you're going to lose your mind, it's okay to ask your partner for a night off. Everybody needs help sometimes!

Oh, and Maeve now has a cold. So that explains a lot.
Sometimes there's just too much crazy.

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