Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Sick Kid Holidays

Sorry the posts are a little scatty at the moment; my parents are here, my birthday is tomorrow, and Maeve is sick, so... lots of things are happening, and I am not having that much time/energy/oomph to write. But I am here, we are here together, loving each other and enjoying the season.

Here are some of yesterday's adventures:

Sickie kid is still sick.

Watching a show, with Patches keeping an eye out.

Snow in the sink, since Mean Mom wouldn't let her go outside.

Relaxing watching the Grinch

Puzzle time after dinner, complete with some complaints

Figuring out the dino puzzles with Grandpa

As you can see, we've been busy occupying sick, cranky child, but enjoying each other. Which is really all that counts. So, Happy Hannukah to those who celebrate, and guess what? I turn 34 tomorrow!

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